Anatomy of a Website

Anatomy of a website

Anatomy of a website

Domain Name

The kickoff point for any website is the domain name. A domain name has to be registered so that your clients, or those wanting to visit your website, know where to find you. Think of a domain name like a street address for your shop, but registered on the interwebs.
A domain name is the name you enter into your browser’s URL to go directly to a website. It can be anything, but ideally it should be the name of your company or relate to the products or services that you sell. An example of a domain name would look something like, or like this website’s domain name – The domain name is also linked to your email address, for example:
Registering a domain name will incur initial costs, after which an annual renewal is due. This process can be tricky if you haven’t done it before, so let us handle all of this to make things easier for you!


Hosting goes hand in hand with your domain name. You will require a hosting provider to keep your website online. Hosting providers make sure your website stays online. They provide a space where your website is kept so that clients and potential clients can visit your website. Without hosting, your website will not be visible online, or be seen by people requiring your services and products.
We do not provide this service ourselves, but rather leave this service to the pros. We do have preferred hosting providers that we work with, though. This way we know that you receive the best hosting at the best price.
Hosting can start from as little as R15/month, but a variety of different packages exist that can be tailored to your needs. These packages depend on things like online space required, number of email addresses required, etc.

Be sure to choose the right package for your needs!

Content Management System

There are many ways to skin a cat. This goes for building websites too.

There are different means and ways of designing and building website. We use WordPress, a Content Management System (CMS), to build websites. Not only does this save you time and money, but also allows you to be able to update and maintain your website by yourself.

Once you have decided on a look and feel for your website, we can provide you with a theme or basic layout of your proposed website. This can easily be manipulated or altered to suit your tastes and preferences. We then use the CMS to design and build your website.

You can then access the backend of your website via the CMS to make changes and upload new products to your website as you please.


Plugins are small programs that can enhance and improve your website in a variety of different ways. These programs are used to improve things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the speed of your website, or add specific functionality that you may require.

These plugins are not essential, though. Your website can exist and will run without them. They do, however, improve your website’s quality and functionality if and when used correctly.

Most plugins are free and will improve your website functionality substantially. However, if you want to truly harness the true power of these programs, a subscription to that plugin may be required.


Content is arguably the most important part of your website! This is what your clients and/or potential clients see on the frontend of your website. Generally, content is generated through images, videos, infographics, forms, or words, etc. It is the way in which you market or display your products and services to your clients or potential clients.  You may have 3 different pages on your website, each containing different content.

You can put anything you like on a website, but building content that makes people want to engage with your website should be your priority. The more people engage with your website, the more leads you can generate. Leads are potential sales, and sales equal money!

Great content equals a great website!

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